Why do cats steal our food?
Why do cats steal our food? You think they don’t have enough variety in the menu and want first, second and soda, but we are so wicked that they give them the same thing in a bowl and don’t give them cake with tea????
It's simple.
It's a matter of imprinting, or in other words, imprinting. It is a form of early learning.
The kitten repeats everything after the cat itself, thus learning to wash itself, go to the litter box, and communicate with brothers, sisters and humans.
Imprinting works the same way with nutrition. What mom brought and eats is possible and considered safe. The smell, taste, and texture of food are remembered by the kitten and perceived as food.
The kitten grows and personal experience comes into play. I chewed a soft blanket????, yeah, it’s not edible.
And now we come to the most important thing❗
You brought the kitten home. Now you are his family and he watches how you behave and continues to learn.
And what does he see? You eat something at the table, it tastes good to you (cats read emotions in the moment). This means it’s food and he can eat it too.
And then a person makes a mistake. Oh honey, you want it. I'll treat you to a cutlet.
Ffffse, you yourself taught your furry friend that the food on your plate is suitable for him.
What about instinct? - you ask.
I will answer you:
1. If animals could instinctively distinguish healthy from unhealthy with a 100% guarantee, the industry for producing poisons for rodents would collapse in our country; no one would eat poison.
2. The domestic cat is not at all concerned with the choice of food. Food appears in the bowl with enviable regularity. And the cat does not need to figure out what is useful and what is not.
Do not give in to the provocations of furry idiots) feed the cats correctly.
And if you want to pamper, then pet stores are full of healthy treats.
And be healthy